• Is The Courtyard Day Care open throughout the year?

    The Courtyard Day Care is open all year round, with a few exceptions, as detailed below:

    • All national holidays and some major local Maharashtra State Festivals
    • 2 weeks in summer for maintenance (Usually the last week of May and first week of June - dates are communicated at the beginning of the year)
    • 5 days for Diwali – from Dhanteras to Bhai dooj
    • 3 days for end of the year – December 30th to January 1st (We re-open on January 2nd or the first Monday after)
  • What items are parents responsible for once their child is enrolled?

    Parents are responsible for providing diapers, sterilised baby bottles, and all infant related food that the child may require. Additionally, parents should leave a set of clothing with us in the event that the child requires a change. Bedding and blankets need not be provided - we take care of that.

  • Can I send my child in the morning the day he misses his school (only for PM day care children)

    During vacations or Pre-School holidays we are happy to extend the facility to our PM Day Care children. However on days that The Courtyard is working, the AM Day Care facility is not available for PM Day Care children due to limited bandwidth.

  • How does The Courtyard day care communicate with parents?

    • A report of your child’s day at The Courtyard is sent to you at the end of each day (soft copy) till they reach 4 ½ years of age
    • Parents are welcome to call any number of times on the landline (022-23525964) to enquire about their child
    • We endeavour to send you a few photographs of your child at the end of each month (digital copies)
    • The day care newsletter is e-mailed to parents at the end of each month
  • Can I set-up a visit to see the centre?

    Yes, site visits for prospective parents are available. You can visit us anytime between 8:30 am and 6:30 pm from Monday to Friday.

  • What meals do you provide?

    The Courtyard provides 3 meals in a day which is optional and additionally chargeable. In case you wish to send food from home you may do so. The food has been outsourced to a vendor but quality checks are regularly conducted by our team to make sure the children are served fresh home cooked vegetarian food. As part of the meal plan one seasonal fruit per day is also included in the meal . A detailed menu for the upcoming month is shared with the parent in advance. Milk and milk products, are not served by The Courtyard. These have to be sent from home. However fresh homemade curd is served at Lunch time.

    Each child is supervised by a helper/teacher to ensure that he/she eats well. We encourage our children to sit in one place while eating, preferably at a table. Children are also encouraged to eat independently.

    Only steel utensils are used for serving and eating .

  • Is there quiet time or rest time?

    The Courtyard Day Care recommends that children rest daily. Two and three-year-olds usually rest for an hour in the afternoon. Each child has their own cot which is covered with a mattress protector, mackintosh, fitted sheet and a duvet. All sheets and duvet covers are home laundered every Friday.

    We recognize that some pre-school children may be restless during or uncomfortable about nap time and thus this is at the parent’s discretion. Quiet activities are provided for children who are unable to nap, and calming music is played throughout this period of time to help the children relax and feel at ease.

  • What learning materials or supplies does my child need?

    Once your child is enrolled at The Courtyard, we provide all the required learning and playing materials they need. We place a strong emphasis on sharing, and most children learn this quickly, except where their own toys are concerned. For this reason, we ask you to honour our ‘No personal toys from home’ policy (except for ‘Show & Tell’). Aggressive toys (i.e. guns, swords) are not allowed.

  • Does Courtyard offer any extra activities?

    Art, music, gym, football, and dance activities are conducted weekly by expert instructors, the charges for which are included in the monthly fee. These activities are in addition to your child's daily Day Care activities.

  • Is there a dress code?

    Play clothes are most practical as some of our activities are messy! For safety reasons The Courtyard requires that parents or caregivers completely remove the hood and neck strings from all children’s wear, including jackets and sweatshirts.

    Extra diapers are to be carried everyday by the child. All parents are requested to leave an extra set of clothes with their child’s name labelled on it. Please include weather appropriate shirt, pants, underwear, and socks in the event of an unexpected accident.

  • What is the primary caregiver-to-child ratio??

    To thrive, babies need complete attention when they are held, talked to, and rocked. The primary caregiver-to-child ratios for each age group are as follows:

    • 6 to 12 months – 1:1
    • 12 to 18 months – 1:2
    • 18 months to 2 ½ years – 1:3
    • 2 ½ to 5 years – 1:4
  • Can I call during the day to check if my baby is doing well?

    Yes. You may call any number of times on the landline and we also give access to the CCTV feed once your child’s admission is done. We do this to help reduce any anxieties that a parent may experience.

  • Is there a separate area for babies?

    Yes. The mezzanine of The Courtyard has a nursery fully equipped with separate mattresses and beds for sleeping, a complete range of high quality toys, a diaper changing table, lockers to store bags and diapers, labelled baskets to keep each baby’s daily needs, and a separate fridge and bottle warmers for the babies’ food. We encourage the babies to be fed on a high chair. All the toys are washed and sterilised with a disinfectant every Saturday.

  • Can I visit for lunch time breastfeeding sessions?

    Yes. You may visit your baby any number of times to breast feed.

  • What is the staff attrition rate?

    We have experienced negligible staff attrition till date. Babies thrive in a stable, nurturing environment and hence our teachers and caregivers are well looked after, well-paid and treated with respect. Our doctors conduct a yearly medical check-up of The Courtyard’s staff and The Courtyard management also extends its care to staff families by helping them whenever required on the personal front.

  • What is The Courtyard’s screen time and media policy? How much time will my child spend looking at a TV, tablet or computer screen? +

    The Courtyard recognizes the importance of technology in today's world; however our screen time policy is that children are not allowed to use a computer, phone or tablet. A projector or screen is used only when directly related to learning experiences, and not more than once week for 15 to 20 minutes. The Courtyard does not have cable-TV access and there is no television time during Day Care hours. No child has access to the Internet.

  • What are the qualifications of your staff members? +

    The majority of our teachers are graduates of the Early Childhood Education Program. All our staff members are trained in First Aid (conducted by Wockhardt hospitals). We have ongoing and continuous professional development for staff at The Courtyard.

  • Do you hold parent teacher conferences/meetings? +

    The Courtyard follows an ‘Open Door’ policy – parents are encouraged to speak with teachers and the centre head as and when they feel the need to.

    Conferences are scheduled twice a year – only for pre-school – at a time that is convenient for both teachers and parents. We look forward to these special opportunities to talk about your child's progress along with an assessment of their development.

    Parents are also welcome to request additional conferences as needed.

  • What is The Courtyard’s discipline policy? +

    Social growth and emotional health is one of the most critical factors in a child's healthy development and path to school readiness. Responsive relationships and positive discipline techniques create supportive environments where children can grow and thrive. Some examples of positive discipline techniques include:

    • Providing choices
    • Using redirection
    • Having clear rules and expectations
    • Using reflection

    Our preferred method to discipline excessive misbehaviour is the universal and age-appropriate ‘Time Out’. This consists of the child sitting quietly for one minute per year of their age for any destructive behaviour. For example, a three-year-old sits for three minutes and a four-year-old for four minutes, etc. We don’t believe in corporal punishment and it will never even be considered.

  • How are Birthday’s Celebrated? +

    We celebrate birthdays in our own simple way. Parents can provide small plain dairy milk chocolates/eggless and nut free cake/popcorn/biscuits for all the children. We discourage exchanging of gifts.

  • Do you have an outdoor playground? +

    The Courtyard has a small area in front of the school which is converted into a garden, with a grass mat, for children to play on.

  • What is the level of hygiene maintained at The Courtyard? +

    An earnest effort is made to maintain a very high standard of cleanliness at The Courtyard. The following procedures are observed:

    • The premises are swept and mopped four times a day
    • The washrooms are provided with a supply of clean towels, hand wash and ample tissue paper
    • Soiled diapers are disposed of outside the premises in a tightly covered bin
    • Every Saturday the premises are fully cleaned. Special attention is given to fans, the flooring, toys, tables, chairs, windows, and toilets
    • Bed linen is changed every Monday
    • Every room has a mosquito repellent plugged in
    • Supreme Pest Control carries out pest control once every 4 months
    • Every helper carries tissues and a small bottle of sanitizer in her apron pocket and is trained on when and how to use them
    • All children and staff wash hands before and after meals, after using the washroom, and on returning from external visits. We do this to also inculcate habits of cleanliness in the children.
    • Children are taught to clean their feet with a wet & dry towel before getting into bed for their afternoon nap
  • What is The Courtyard’s safety policy? +

    Evacuation procedures for fire and other emergencies are practiced regularly. We have two exits at the ground floor and two exits on the mezzanine which are accessible in the event of an emergency. As for physical injury, the premises are equipped with sports vinyl flooring to minimise the impact of falls. All of our high quality toys conform to international safety standards.

  • What if my child gets sick? +

    We do our best to be supportive of the working parent and at the same time operate within the standard health guidelines.

    If a child is feeling somewhat unwell but is able to function within the program, we allow them to remain on the premises. We note the fever and call parents for instruction on dosage of important medicines like Calpol.

    However, we ask parents to keep their child at home if they have:

    • Fever or have been running temperature in the last 24 hours.
    • Heavy nasal discharge
    • Diarrhoea
    • Been vomiting
    • A sore throat and are coughing incessantly
    • An infectious illness
  • Are the parents given access to CCTV cameras? +

    CCTV details will be provided to all Day Care parents once the admission formalities are over.

    Parents can view the CCTV feed between 8:30 AM to 9:00 AM and after 12:30 pm. While the CCTV is on between 9:00 AM and 12:30 AM, live viewing is not available.

    On days that the pre-school is not functional, CCTV feed will be available from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM (refer to pre-school holiday list)

    Access to the CCTV footage can only be given to Day Care parents due to limited bandwidth.