What We Offer

We encourage each child’s social and emotional development and make them life-long learners. With our diverse expertise, we nurture holistic development at every stage of your child’s growth and we are confident that we have precisely what you and your child are looking for.

Day Care

The Courtyard is a home away from home for our babies and children. We treat every child as an individual and allow them to learn, explore, grow at their own pace, and also have plenty of fun. + Read More

Pre School

At The Courtyard we play a lot, and believe that children intuitively create their own meaning for their world. This is why we include student-directed learning in every facet of The Courtyard. The best way to achieve this is by a combination of ‘Play-Way’ and ‘Montessori’ method which is practised in our classrooms.

At our preschool your child will learn and grow at their own pace. We invest our research and extensive experience to develop an immensely well-crafted curriculum with interdisciplinary themes that accommodate every learning style.

As your child explores further, they are guided on the path to becoming lifelong learners and are moved up in grade based on their readiness.

Our Methods

Our deep knowledge of developmental and learning theories has positioned us to create a caring and understanding curriculum for each age group, developed under the able guidance of Rimjhim Banerjee with vast experience of Montessori and play way method of learning.

Through Montessori and play we capture the child's imagination as they learn to think and solve complex problems. We view community building and teamwork as essential to the culture of the Courtyard and, with our teachers’ guidance, your child will initiate his or her own experiences.

  • Courtyard - Our Methods - Play-based Pedagogy

    Montessori Play-based Pedagogy

  • Courtyard - Our Methods - Directed Learning

    Directed Learning

  • Courtyard - Our Methods - Non-directed Learning

    Non-directed Learning

  • Courtyard - Our Methods - Community and Teamwork

    Community and Teamwork


Our spacious and vibrant premises provide countless opportunities for spontaneous play. The art room, the sandpit and the Lego tables will transport your child into new worlds at every turn.

  • Courtyard - Facilities - 2200 sq. ft.

    2200 sq. ft.

  • Courtyard - Facilities - Sports Vinyl Flooring

    Sports Vinyl Flooring

  • Courtyard - Facilities - Fully Air-conditioned

    Fully Air-conditioned

  • Courtyard - Facilities - Private Nursery

    Private Nursery

  • Courtyard - Facilities - Dedicated Washroom

    Dedicated Washroom

Care & Safety

With a doctor and a nurse on call we ensure your child is well taken care of. We also have a nutritionist, a paediatrician, optometrist, and speech therapist who consult with us on an ongoing basis.

  • Courtyard - Care & Safety - First Aid

    First Aid

  • Courtyard - Care & Safety - Fire Safety

    Fire Safety

  • Courtyard - Care & Safety - CCTV


  • Courtyard - Care & Safety - Padded Flooring

    Padded Flooring

  • Courtyard - Care & Safety - Doors



“Big Schools” where children from the Courtyard have gone on to study at

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