The topic of observation may not be an interesting read, but it is the crux of Early Years Education. Preschools in Mumbai , Childcare Centres and educators around the globe are coming up with innovative techniques to record and evaluate observations so that they can assess child behaviour and resolve them.

What is Observation in Early Childhood Education?

The mantra of observation is “Watch the child.” However simply observing is not enough. One must simultaneously record the observations so that they can be used to not only track the progress and development of a child but also resolve behavioral issues.

Why is observation important in Early Childhood Education?

The importance of observation is best portrayed by the incident given below:

In a certain classroom a teacher observed that often a child would not participate in painting activities irrespective of the painting tools given. After every activity she would record her observation. One day the child accidently put his finger on a paint brush and some paint got transferred to his finger. He immediately ran to the washroom to wash his hand. The teacher understood that the child’s desire to keep his hands clean was holding him back from painting activities. The teacher told the child that she would keep a wet towel next to him so that he could wipe his hand when it got dirty during painting. The child is now an enthusiastic painter.

Observations in such minute detail and then writing them down helps a teacher to resolve any classroom or behaviour issues.

Response of children to activities when recorded helps the teachers to modify or change daily plans to ensure that the children are achieving their developmental milestones.

In a Preschool or Daycare teachers send Developmental assessment reports which help the parents understand their child’s progress. This report is entirely based on a teacher’s daily observations of a child and then assimilating it together.

Children are our assets and quality observation during the early childhood years nurture our assets into their full potential.