Every parent awaits the moment when their child first steps inside the gates of their preschool. The sentimental moment is a combination of excitement and anxiety as you know that now your child is entering into a formal institution of education. It is imperative to help your child be ready for settling in the process which turns out to be a pleasant one. Pre school in Mumbai have an array of ways in which they aid your child’s cognitive, behavioral, social and emotional development.

So, let’s have a sneak peek as to what measures can be undertaken in order to prepare your child for the preschool endeavors.

1. Talk

Engage your child into the talks about the preschool and the fun he will have when he interacts with other children and his teachers. Make it like an interesting story. Children have a vivid imagination and enjoy imagining a fun-filled day.

2. Practice Separation

With your child from you. Leave him with other members of the family for some time every-day during the same hours that he will be in preschool.

3. Encourage independence

To eat food by himself, removing and wearing shoes by himself, indicating his toilet needs, washing hands, asking for water etc.

4. Pack it up

Encourage him to pack his own bag when stepping out for outings and picnics with family. This will give a lifelong message of being responsible for his own stuff.

5. Play

Do some random exploration and messy activities with your child such as painting, play-doh, mashing boiled potatoes, kneading a dough etc. Children when exposed to such activities at home take up the same very enthusiastically in Preschool.

6. Sing

Music ignites all areas of child development and skills for school readiness. Sing nursery rhymes or any other songs together. The music time in preschool will help a child correlate the singing time with parents.

7. Read

Children are creatures of habit, read to them every single day. Love for books is lifelong and starts in early childhood.

8. Detach to attach

Last but not the least detachment from a parent for a short while depends entirely on your anxiety levels. If you are an anxious mom or dad the same will reflect in your child. So relax and trust the preschool to do its job.