With a doctor and a nurse on call we ensure your child is well taken care of. We also have a nutritionist, paediatrician, optometrist, and speech therapist who consult with us on an ongoing basis.

Moreover, safety is of paramount importance and our premises are equipped with CCTV cameras and a controlled entry system. A familiar member of our staff will always be there to greet you and your child at the door.

The premises are also equipped with emergency exit routes in the event of a mandatory evacuation.

  • Courtyard - Care & Safety - First Aid

    First Aid

  • Courtyard - Care & Safety - Fire Safety

    Fire Safety

  • Courtyard - Care & Safety - CCTV


  • Courtyard - Care & Safety - Padded Flooring

    Padded Flooring

  • Courtyard - Care & Safety - Doors